Why have a second photographer?

Why have a second photographer on your wedding day?

I often get asked why do I include a second photographer in my collections so I’ve put together this guide to explain the benefits of having one on the day. Throughout this blog I am using images they have taken and hopefully you will agree just how AMAZING they are!

Different shooting angles

A second photographer means a different angle on key moments. The grooms reaction is an obvious one to consider. Whilst one of us will be focusing on the bride walking down the aisle, the other photographer will watch the groom and capture his emotion as he sees his gorgeous bride walk down the aisle!

groom looking at the bride walking down the aisle


Groom Preparations

A second pair of hands allows groom preparations to be shot in far greater depth,  which means more time to be spent with the groom and ushers in the morning. One single photographer can cover mock groom preps but logistically it isn’t possible to be in two places at the same time!


Who doesn’t love a candid shot?! Whilst the primary the photographer is busy with doing couple shots, the second photographer can often be seen capturing the guests and all those natural moments. Sometimes I do ask my second photographer to accompany me whilst I do the couple portraits and then we can get dual perspective on the bride and groom. It really depends on the day as to my decision. If we are time short or there are a large number of guests, I may ask him to stay and do the candids.

The image of the boys  below was taken by my second photographer whilst I was arranging the whole wedding party into a huge group for the ‘whole’ group shot. A prime example of how he was able to capture one of those real life moments!


group of children at a wedding pulling faces



A second photographer also acts as a certain kind of insurance. If something terrible happens to the primary photographer on route or there is a freak accident which prevents the primary from arriving on time, then it gives the couple peace of pind that there is another photographer there to capture the special day.


mum hugging her toddler son



Second photographers also make fabulous assistants! Whether it is holding lighting for night-time shots or helping to gather family and friends for the group shots. Personally, I think it is much more professional to have an assistant present, rather than asking wedding members to help out!

wedding car driving down country road

More Images

Overall it goes without saying that having a second photographer will generate more images. Which can only be a good thing for the couple!

Below we have one image taken by me and the other taken by my second photographer, seconds apart. You can see how they are totally different images, taken from different angles.


For more information on wedding collections please see that following pages https://nathaliedelentephotography.co.uk/wedding-photography-in-essex/

Images above shot at Leez Priory Wedding Venue and Essendon Country Club and Blakes Golf Club


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