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Couples often ask me what they should wear on their pre wedding shoots so I have put together a small list of points to consider when preparing !
Nathalie x
bridal bouquet laying on wedding dress

Consider the weather

This may sound obvious but dressing according to the weather does kind of make sense! If your shoot is during the winter months then don’t be afraid to wrap up warmly in a nice coat and boots, or if the shoot is during the summer months then pretty dresses are always a winner!

The beautiful couple on the left, had their shoot on a late summers day in August and it was fairly hot. They went for matching colours  with a smart / casual feel. I love it that she wore her hair down, I much prefer to see movement in images and the wind was gently blowing her hair that day!

During the autumn and winter months – wear weather appropriate clothes and shoes – if your shoot is somewhere rural then you may want to consider  boots or even stylish wellies! The key is to not let yourself get cold, so even if you don’t particularly want to be wearing a big winter coat then at least bring one with you so that you can keep warm throughout the shoot.

Colour coordinated outfits always look fabulous – try to avoid ultra clashing colours and vivid patterns. Discuss with your partner beforehand and may be try on some outfits together to see what you think and how you feel.


How formal?


Above all, you must be comfortable in what you are wearing. If you feel uncomfortable then change it for something you are happy with. Imagine you are going somewhere with friends or family … maybe  Sunday lunch with your friends – that nice combination of smart and casual all in one.  Always remember to be true to your own style. If you have a unique style then embrace it! Your personality will shine through!

Colour – never be afraid of colour. I love colour. If you choose your favourite colour or your favourite clothes then you will feel confident and that will show.

Different seasons may lend themselves to different colours – for autumn shoots, maybe consider browns, blues, yellows and oranges. Christmas time you could add some white or some reds, navy blues or even some glitter! Summer and spring time, well, take your pick – floaty dresses and skirts for ladies and smart / casual shorts or trousers accompanied with a nice shirt or top for the men!!


Hair and Make-Up

Most girls will probably choose to apply a bit of  make-up and to do their hair prior to the shoot. Again, if you have a particular style that you like then why not go for that. Another option is to book your bridal hair and make-up trial so that it coincides with the same day as the pre-wedding photoshoot. The photos to the right are an example of a bride who had her trial done on the morning of the shoot. I love working with the talented girls at Laura & Haleigh Hair & Make-up  They always do a fabulous job!

newborn photoshoot twins

Children and what to wear

I am more than happy to include children in your pre-wedding shoot or even the family dog! I often get asked how the kids should dress. The advice I give is the same as I give to the adults ! Stick to colours that compliment each other, or maybe even consider matching outfits (for the children).  Here are some examples of pre wedding shoots where the whole family was involved.


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