Fine Art Childrens Photography

Childrens Photography

Photoshoot Location: Chelmsford Essex
Studio Photographer: Nathalie Delente

Childrens photography is where I started my business about five years ago. Over the years the weddings have really taken over and become my primary work, so when I get the opportunity to go back in the studio I really love it!

Being a mother of two girls it is so easy to dress them up and practice on them but for this shoot, I really wanted a boy.

I don’t tend to shoot lots of fine art male images, so I was delighted and very excited when a previous client of mine said she would like to bring her son, Bobby, to the studio.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it” Ansel Adams

Like the quote suggests above, I wanted to create a series of looks for the photoshoot. I wanted to make the photographs rather than simply taking them.

What I love about fine art studio shoots is that my clients trust me to have a vision and give me free reign to create that vision.

To do this, I draw on all sorts of sources. From considering the backdrop I want to use, to planning the lighting and also the clothing, hairstyle and props.

In preparation for this shoot, I bought an oversized, chunky knitted orange jumper and dug out my box of dressing up treasures which include a load of materials, brooches and hair pins.

For one of the images, I wanted to reference the work that Bobby’s dad does by using the garden spade as a prop.

During the shoot, we worked through a series of poses using the different clothes and props. I have to say that Bobby was an absolute natural at modelling and did the most fantastic job! 

Backdrop :

Clothes : Nathalie Delente Photography and models own

Spade : Models own


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